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Microsoft is asking for feedback around Azure Storage Client Libraries & Tools. I have used them quite a bit, and hence jumped to give my feedback Immediately on seeing the opportunity.

My main Issues with the Azure Storage Client Libraries & Tools is around Inconsistent performance, random failures, and Insufficient documentation. I have also had a tough time with the Azure Storage Emulator, working on some not so common scenarios.

If you folks have worked in the past, or are currently using these Storage Client Libraries and Tools, I would suggest you do let Microsoft know about any Issues you faced. It is a good opportunity, because Microsoft does not proactively come asking for feedback like this often.

Survey Link: Survey – Feedback on Azure Storage Client Libraries & Tools

Excerpt from Microsoft Blog:

Azure Storage team is looking for feedback that will help with the planning of the Storage Client Libraries and Tools. If you currently use any of the client libraries and/or tools for Azure Storage, please take our short survey that shouldn’t take more than 3 minutes to complete. Once you complete the survey you will also have the opportunity to learn more about the upcoming preview programs as well as helping us shape the product roadmap.

Source: Help us shape Azure Storage Client Libraries and Tools | Blog | Microsoft Azure


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